Our own HACKADON has often been successfully
carried out, and we also offer the organization of
a hackathon as a service.


A hackathon is a mixture of “hack” and “marathon”, where “hack” is used in the sense of research programming. Our hackathon is usually a 48-hour event where geeks, techies, designers, digital nomads, creative minds, entrepreneurs and number jugglers come together in small teams to find creative and innovative solutions on a specific topic


Are you interested?

Then just write to us using the contact form. Or come to us at the brigk and we will take care of all the details personally on site. We’re looking forward to get to know you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What includes the offering of a hackathon?

The hackathon is individually tailored to the client’s requirements, wishes and needs. A complete solution includes conception, organization, participant acquisition, implementation, streaming, handling, communication, possibly catering

How much in advance do you need to implement the hackathon?

We are quite quick in the organization, but the acquisition of participants often takes a little more time. For a complete solution, we recommend a lead time of at least 2 months.

What does it cost to organize a hackathon?

That is very individual and depends on the project. Our offer ranges from individual sequences to complete solutions.

Why should companies run a hackathon?

It’s just a cool thing! In a great atmosphere, motivated participants develop new business models or prototypes quickly and easily. As an internal company event, employees can use their strengths in an agile manner. In addition, the competitive nature arouses the fighting spirit and thus innovative strength. As an event with external participants, a hackathon can be a recruiting measure and a PR lever.


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