Monday, 15. February 2021

INpact: Central development phase is about to start

The sustainability program INpact is about to enter the central development phase. Five varied and exciting project ideas emerged from the first round of applications for small and medium-sized enterprises. For implementation, student teams are going to put together.

INpact is a program to promote sustainable development in the region of Ingolstadt, which was launched by brigk Digitales Gründerzentrum der Region Ingolstadt in cooperation with the Institute for Applied Sustainability (inas). In conjunction with interdisciplinary teams of students, sustainable business concepts should be developed out of sustainable problems on the part of SMEs.

Five sustainable project ideas were successfully derived from the first round of applications. We’ve been looking for committed and motivated students to implement these projects since December last year. We are currently looking forward to 51 applications. The students come from different courses of study, including business administration, chemistry, geography or future design. The colleges and universities are spread all over Bavaria. The universities of Ingolstadt – the Technical University of Ingolstadt and the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt – are also represented. In addition, the students are enrolled at Technical University of Munich, the Language & Interpreter Institute Munich, the Weihenstephan-Friesdorf University and the Coburg University of Applied Sciences.

The next step is to assign the applicants to the respective sustainability projects depending on the subject area and level of knowledge. This matching process takes place in exchange with the respective companies. Up to five students per Challenge are methodically supported by a start-up expert. Participation in the INpact sustainability project offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience besides their actual courses. The brigk Digitales Gründerzentrum der Region Ingolstadt supports the students with a monthly compensation of €400 for the entire duration of the project.

After six months of development, the initial project ideas should hopefully result in a business concept from which further developments can be derived. The following projects will start the central development phase on April 1st:

1. Conception of an internal corporate sustainability strategy
The medium-sized craft business Gebrüder Peters from Ingolstadt wants to focus on the internal further development of sustainability standards. For this purpose, a concept should be developed with focus on sustainable living and working in the company. Topics with special attention are sustainable mobility, the design of the workplace and the nutrition of employees.

2. Versatile project ideas for the development of a sustainable online platform
The online platform EcoEmbassy aims to network companies to convey sustainable products and services. Various offers from service providers who offer sustainable product and service alternatives can be found on the platform. The result is a variety of project approaches that range from the procurement planning of sustainable product alternatives to user-friendly design, research and quality seals as well as the conception of communication measures to the development of a portfolio strategy for the platform.

3. Development of a communication concept and various quality criteria in the field of circular economy
At Organic Garden AG, the entire food cycle is mapped: from production to the finished dish. In the context of INpact, on the one hand the focus is on the drafting of a communication concept to emphasize the relevance of the circular economy. Despite the technological complexity, a good understanding and enthusiasm for the concept should develop in all target groups. On the other hand, suitable quality criteria and certificates are required in order to prove the sustainability and high quality of the recycling center.

4. Development of sustainable packaging for a new product line
The established hairdressing salon Matuschka from Ingolstadt has designed its own product line consisting of shampoo, conditioner and hair treatment based on customer requirements. Taking into account aspects of sustainable packaging, a corresponding packaging concept for the hair care products should be developed.

5. Development of a B2B sales strategy in consideration to conservation of the environment and resources
NurINpur is a packaging-free, sustainable supermarket for food and drug products in downtown Ingolstadt. In the context of INpact, the B2B area in particular should be built up and improved with a suitable sales strategy. In addition, methods for sustainable delivery are aimed to be planned and an online shop should be integrated to the existing website. Conservation of the environment and resources should always be in the foreground.

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