Tuesday, 30. March 2021

Makers’ Club #2: How to… networking – Review

Makerspace makers are craftsmen – networking is something that is not very important to many makers. However, since a lot of interesting people from the most diverse areas and with the most varied of ideas dare to tackle their projects in Makerspace, Max invited his fellow makers to a digital network party via video call in the second Makers’ Club edition.

In preparation for the Makers’Club, the participants were given a delicious beer from Max delivered free to their homes, so they could have a digital toast and loosen up the atmosphere a little. To actively support the round of introductions, Max sent his guests in groups of two, in which the participants could tell each other about their interests and projects.

The first meeting offered the opportunity to talk to other interested Makerspace users. Afterwards, the participants introduced their counterparts in the large group – this quickly resulted in a lively exchange:

Tips were given on the optimal 3D printing material and its further processing, which wood oil works out the grain in the most beautiful and long-lasting manner and of course past and planned projects were also discussed.

From the sideboard, a lamp and a cot in furniture store quality, mobile phone holder with loudspeaker function made from the garden’s own cherry wood, to 3D printed connectors for exhaust air systems to laser-decorated rosewood sticks for lighting and self-made ecospheres – the makers already have implemented some useful and beautiful things according to their own ideas. The end results are definitely impressive!

At the end of the Makers’ Club, some makers planned to stay in contact, show each other new things and work on ideas together. Even in the makerspace universe, new contacts bring useful knowledge, creative input and, above all, a lot of fun doing it yourself.

In April everything at brigk revolves around successful branding – look forward to the next Makers ’Club # 3!

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