Monday, 3. May 2021

Makers’ Club #3: How to… build a brand – Review

Last Thursday, April 29, the third edition of the Makers Club took place. In line with the brigk monthly theme “Brand”, Max has invited reinforcements this time: The Ingolstadt branding expert Manuel Knill from the branding agency Soul.

Before the virtual get-together, each participant received a small present free of charge, as is now the case for the Makers’ Club. After a short round of introductions, Manuel Knill started with an exciting lecture on branding and development. In the entertaining presentation it quickly became clear why brand development is especially important for startups and founders and why the start-up phase is crucial.

The brand itself is only scalable to a limited extent at the beginning; it develops over time. According to Steve Jobs’ quote, “It’s not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” The product should always be in the foreground. The expert considers branding on the product to be more important than a brand. Above all, it is crucial to orientate oneself on the touchpoints with the customers and not only concentrate on the appearance when designing, but also to include all other sensory perceptions. The brand must become an experience in order to be successful!

After the lecture, the participants had the chance to put questions to the experts. Many makers already have a specific product or project in the pipeline and thus had the opportunity to get tips and tricks from the professional when it comes to brand building. The lively exchange among each other created new contacts who can continue to share their ideas with one another in the future.

Makers ‘Club # 4 will take place in May!

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