Tuesday, 1. June 2021

Makers Club#4: Open Mic – Review

For our fourth Makers’ Club we have decided on an Open Mic edition. As the name suggests – in the previous club there was an open microphone for our makers for the first time. Three of them took advantage of the offer of the first Open Mic and presented some of their projects in a small group.

The infinity machine

Already looking at some infinity machines in technology museums, our maker Peter has decided to use the devices of the Makerspace to create his own variant of these machines. Infinity machines use multiple gear ratios to illustrate the exponentially progressive immobility of the increasingly slower gears used. Peter had the gears with 12 and 24 teeth cut from a sheet of plywood in the laser cutter at the Makerspace and arranged them offset on another sheet of plywood. Over the 50 rows, the one-second rotation of the first gear is lost so much that the last gear in the row would only turn after 35.7 million years. A period of time that is difficult to imagine and even less difficult to implement. For this reason the support of the last gear is connected to the gear – you can turn as much as you want at the beginning of the machines – it will not turn. In museums, the last pillars of the infinity machines are partially welded in place.

Hallmarked leather goods

Many of our makers have incredible creative potential, including Stephan, who does high-quality leather work in addition to his regular job.
Stephan originally came through his hobby western riding to design spur straps for his riding boots. His equestrian colleagues quickly found pleasure in the creative one-offs and are still asking him for custom-made products – he chooses the most beautiful projects and implements them with a lot of love, because artistic challenges inspire him. Among his works were a saddle stamped with Alice in Wonderland motifs, lovingly decorated chaps, purses and more. Stephan also works with a wide variety of leather types and has already built up a small global network of suppliers and experts. Here he shows some of his leather work.

Knives and more

In addition to his leather work, Stephan forges knives himself, just like another participant in the evening – Stefan with F, has been working as a temporary worker in our makerspace for some time and, among other things, also forges knives himself. For this he made his own forge in the makerspace and welded his anvil from old steel parts – to create something useful and beautiful from supposedly unusable things is his motto. A trunk you take with you on a walk quickly becomes the support for a self-made loft bed; the remains of the wood sections were of course used for a knife handle. The demands on Stefan’s knives – they have to endure survival trips in the forest. You can find more of Stefan’s knives here.

The first Makers ’Club Open Mic edition will not be the last! We look forward to further creative and motivating projects from our makers. You can find out when the next Open Mic edition will take place in our newsletter or the Makerspace social media accounts. The next Makers ’Club # 5 is expected to take place on June 24, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.

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