Monday, 30. May 2022

Night of the applicants:
For the first time at the Kavalier Dalwigk

The new venue of the digital startup center of the Ingolstadt region brigk, the Kavalier Dalwigk, was the venue of this year’s night of applicants of the Gründerpreis Ingolstadt. The ideas were presented in two-minute presentations each. The award ceremony for the winners will take place on July 27. 

Entrepreneurship and innovation are drivers of a successful economic system. It needs courageous founders who accept opportunities and implement their ideas with open minds and entrepreneurial spirit. The Ingolstadt Founders’ Award is an instrument for promoting individuals and teams who want to start a business, take on a business succession or implement innovative business ideas in existing companies.  

brigk as the new partner of the Founder Award Ingolstadt

The Digital Founder Center of the Ingolstadt region brigk has been a cooperation partner of the Gründerpreis Ingolstadt since the beginning of the year. With the signing of the contract, brigk assures the Gründerpreis Ingolstadt a broad support for the next years. In addition to the previous partners, the Sparkasse Ingolstadt Eichstätt, the Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences, the Existenzgründerzentrum Ingolstadt, the IFG Ingolstadt and the Initiative Regionalmanagement Ingolstadt, the brigk will support the Gründerpreis Ingolstadt as an active partner. Participants of the competition can apply for funding with a future-oriented and innovative business idea. 

The Trafohaus as the venue for the Ingolstadt Founders’ Prize

Last year, the Night of the Applicants had to be held online due to the pandemic. For this year’s event, the new event location, the Trafohaus, was the venue for the two-minute presentations of the 20 applicants. The broad spectrum of business ideas became clear. Regardless of whether they are technology or service companies, SMEs or craftsmen, what counts is the good idea. 

An expert jury, which included representatives from business and politics, evaluated the pitches and thus determined the awarding of the prize. In addition to Johannes Edler von Koch, Group Manager S-International, Corporate Finance and Sales Management Corporate Customers Sparkasse Ingolstadt Eichstätt, Hans-Jörg Heidenreich from the HWK for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Prof. Dr. Michael Jünger, Professor of Business Consulting and Management at the Ingolstadt University of Technology, Stefan König, Managing Director at Achtzig20 media, Maximilian Mayer from IFG Ingolstadt, Frauke Mock from Pro Beschäftigung e.V., Hannes Schleeh, Managing Director of EGZ Ingolstadt, Gerd Schneider, Editor-in-Chief of Donaukurier, Catherine Schrenk from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Prof. Dr. Robert G. Wittmann, Professor for Business Start-ups and Innovation Management at Ingolstadt University of Technology and Iris Eberl, Head of the IRMA e.V. office, brigk Managing Director Dr. Franz Glatz is also part of the jury.  

In addition, 25 candidates have applied for the audience award, which is being offered for the third time after 2020 and 2021. Short video spots have been created for this purpose and can now be viewed at The online voting, which is limited to two weeks, has already started.  

The Founder’s Prize is always awarded in several categories. The winning teams receive support in developing the business concept and drawing up a business plan, as well as ongoing advice on the first steps into entrepreneurship. In addition, the winners receive non-cash and cash prizes totaling up to €10,000. 

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