Monday, 10. July 2023

brigkAIR at the International Paris Air Show 2023

After a four-year break, the Paris Air Show was back in full swing three weeks ago. The largest air show in the world was visited by an estimated 300,000 visitors, including press, exhibitors and aviation enthusiasts and of course us, from brigkAIR!

The 54th edition of the Paris Air Show took place at the prestigious Paris-Le Bourget Airport and served as an epicenter for cutting-edge aviation technology, industry trends and forward-looking discussions. The Paris Air Show is known as a global platform for the aerospace industry, attracting industry leaders, innovators and enthusiasts from around the world. In a groundbreaking collaboration with BDLI – Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie e.V., we also participated in this prestigious event.

Making our debut at the Paris Air Show, we took the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and potential partners. The show served as a hub for aviation professionals and created an ideal environment for fruitful collaborations and networking. Our presence created excitement and anticipation as attendees eagerly engaged with us and the promising companies we represent.

We offered five startups the unique opportunity to join us in Paris and present their products at our booth. Each startup had a full day to present their innovative solutions to prominent representatives of the aviation industry. This appearance opened doors to valuable contacts, potential investors and cooperation partners. It was a defining moment for our startups to make a lasting impression and leave their mark on the industry.

The five startups that were with us at the Paris Air Show include:

  1. Electric Flytrain: Pioneering electric aviation solutions for urban transport
  2. Skypuzzler: an award-winning Danish startup revolutionizing the drone industry
  3. Maple Aviation: promoting aerial mobility with cutting-edge technology and services
  4. Lablfy: innovating in the field of urban air mobility with a focus on safety and efficiency
  5. CIELUM: shaping the future of the aviation industry through sustainable and efficient aircraft designs

For a deeper insight into each day and startup at the Paris Air Show, we invite you to watch our video vlogs on YouTube, LinkedIN and Instagram. Gain insights into the experiences, innovations and passionate people that shaped this remarkable event.

The Paris Air Show was a major milestone for brigkAIR and the five startups we were proud to support. This incredible opportunity to showcase their innovative products alongside industry giants will undoubtedly help these startups achieve greater success. The event’s focus on sustainability reflects the aviation industry’s collective commitment to a greener future. brigkAIR’s participation at the Paris Air Show not only demonstrated the potential of these startups, but also highlighted the importance of collaboration, innovation, and sustainable practices in shaping the future of the aviation industry.

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