Saturday, 30. October 2021

Founders Club #37: Martin Wild – between performance and purpose

On October 25th, the 37th edition of our Founders Club took place. After a year and a half of abstinence, we were able to invite you back to our brigk café for the event. In terms of content, the brigk Founders Club is experiencing a realignment. From now on, the focus is on the founders. They tell us what experiences they have gained on their way to start up and also give very private insights.

We invited Martin Wild to the first Founders Club in the new format. At the age of 18 he founded “Home of Hardware”, an online shop for electrical goods. He was way ahead of the giants in the industry at the time. He tells how he and his team quickly moved into bigger and bigger buildings to meet demand. For Martin Wild, the key to success has always been to make decisions quickly and consistently, even if the decisions were sometimes difficult and unpopular.

During the financial crisis, Martin Wild sells the company and goes to America for a sabbatical. During his time in the USA, a headhunter found him and he was offered a job at MediaMarktSaturn. After overcoming his initial aversion to corporate affairs and various strategic positions, Martin Wild became the Group’s Chief Innovation Officer. But the heart of an entrepreneur continues to beat in him, and before he becomes a “corporation” himself, he gets out.

As a business angel, he then supports many start-up teams. He explains what are important factors for him as an investor when evaluating startups. In addition to a good story, it is above all the team. He wants to see people who have the will to work deeply into new topics, who are assertive and can make decisions.

The sustainable food startup Organic Garden particularly appeals to him and so instead of investing, he joined the company as co-founder and CEO. He sees the next, even greater challenge for himself in the startup: to make the food chain sustainable. The purpose of this mission drives him and the whole Organic Garden Team. Once again, Martin Wild is quick to achieve success: with the former chef of the national team, he is developing the Green Hot Dog from regional, sustainable and vegan products.

After the exciting interview, all those present at the Founders Club were able to convince themselves of the hot dogs. In the meantime, Organic Garden has several shops in Munich, and many more are to be added until the sustainable farm with a size of 20-30 hectares is completed and CO2-neutral own products can be produced.

During the conversation it quickly becomes clear what the great challenge for Martin Wild and Organic Garden is: to create something that lasts. Martin Wild would like to make a sustainable contribution to the environment and health beyond his time as an active part.

On behalf of everyone present, we would like to thank Martin Wild for the exciting anecdotes in his private and professional life. We were able to take a lot with us and are inspired to achieve great things.

We are already looking forward to our next Founders Club with new insights into the founding stories. This will take place in the new year and maybe in a new location. Stay tuned!

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